We provide custom tissue culture media, reagents and supplements in small volumes at affordable prices in short turn-around times with high-quality, personalized customer service.

Superior Customer Service

We take your customer service experience very seriously. We strive to provide you with a pleasant experience from your first contact with us through completion. The same amount of care and attention is given to product questions as to in-depth custom media inquiries.

Short Lead Times

We produce small batches more consistently and more regularly than big manufacturers. We do not require large volumes prior to manufacturing, as many of our competitors do. This allows us to bring our products to the marketplace faster than any of our competitors.

Low Cost of Manufacturing

We are not burdened with the overhead and capitalization costs that must be factored into our competitors’ pricing schedules. As such, we can operate and sell our products at a lower price than our competitors.

Third Party Outsourcing

Large companies are unable to provide small volumes of media to their customers at economical prices. We can partner with these larger companies and assist them in meeting all their customers media needs.

Quality Control

A certified third party has been secured to do all required tests and certifications of both raw materials and manufactured materials. We have 100% of the raw materials and manufactured products identified by catalog number and lot number for traceability purposes as well as formulation specifics and required test specifics.

Industry Experience

As the responsible party for all custom media formulations at her previous company, Ms. Hoskins has 24 years of experience working one-on-one with end-users. She can formulate media using any industry reference, a published formulation from a scientific paper, or an end users’ supplied formulation.