Custom Tissue Culture Media, Reagents & Supplements

We provide custom tissue culture media, reagents and supplements to fulfill the specific needs of the scientific community. Our custom formulations are prepared using the highest quality raw materials and our Ultra pure H2O.

We Offer the Following Custom Media Options

Standard Customs 1 Liter Minimum Order
Custom Salts and Reagents 1 Liter Minimum Order
Animal Embryo Culture Media Customs 500ml Minimum Order

Ordering Sizes

All formulations are given a unique Catalog #, so reordering is quick and easy. Custom formulations can be filled into 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 liter bottles. Animal embryo culture media customs are filled in 50ml bottles.

Production Time

Standard production time is 15 business days upon receipt of PO. Rush Service is available for an additional cost of 20%. A signed QC Waiver must be on file prior to the production of each Rush Order. This will waive the quality Control requirements. We continue our QC testing and inform the customer of the results.


Pricing for all custom formulations is product-specific and quotes will be given once the formulation is agreed upon by the investigator and the HBCM media specialist. If needed by the end user, a confidentiality agreement can be signed.

All custom formulated media and reagents are for Research Use Only and may not be used for diagnostic or therapeutic work in humans or animals. Responsibility for use falls on the end user.

Purified Water System

Our purified water system transforms incoming cold potable water into purified water by employing the technologies of particulate filtration, carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, deionization, ultraviolet disinfection/TOC reduction and submicron filtration. Our system maintains constant recirculation through a 316L stainless steel pump and natural polypropylene IR fused piping. On-line monitoring of the purified water conductivity shall be constant through the use of an NIST traceable instrument. This multi-parameter instrument displays the following critical parameters: resistivity, temperature and total organic carbon (TOC). Only purified water exceeding the above parameters is used in the manufacturing of HB Custom Media products.

Design Parameters (this specification is a process specification and is not measured by the end-user):

  • Resistivity @ 25*C 18 megohm-cm
  • Bacterial Growth <100 cfu/ml
  • Organics <20 ppb
  • Particulate Matter 0.2 micron Filtera