HB Custom Media (HBCM), supplier of custom tissue culture media and reagents to the Research Use Only market, is attending the BioResearch Product Faire Front Line Event at the University of Arizona.

Arizona is experiencing strong growth in the research market in recent years. With nearly $400 million in annual R&D expenditures, the University of Arizona, Tucson is the state’s leading research university. Since 2002, the University’s research funding has increased by $188 million which has resulted in employing nearly 15,000 life science professionals. At the center of this growth is the BioResearch Product Faire which, last year, attracted purchasing agents, professors, post docs and lab managers from 17 different research buildings and 37 on-campus departments. The conference showcases new products and services supporting biomedical research.

HBCM is helping university research communities by making high-quality, special-order custom media available to smaller research labs.

HB Custom Media - Custom Tissue Culture Media

“Smaller research labs face unique challenges in obtaining custom media. We want to help them bypass these challenges”, said HBCM CEO Karen Hoskins. “For example, a lab might read about a new media that could support their research, but find that it’s not commercially available to them. And, unfortunately, most research labs don’t have the components, filters and QC equipment to effectively create it themselves. This is essentially a roadblock to their research. However, we have this equipment and can produce custom media in the small batches they need. By simply sending us the white paper or formulation, we can make the media for them.”

“In other cases, they might want a basic medium such as DMEM or RPMI but are testing the effects of a particular component in the media on their cells and would like it left out. As is often the case, larger companies don’t sell this as a standard medium. So, in order to get this as a custom, the end user usually has to buy more than they need, wasting money and waiting as long as six weeks to get it. Since we focus on smaller lab needs, we can produce that media for them, quickly, affordably and in a short turn-around time.”

“We’ve been very happy to make custom media available in these types of cases, getting it into the hands of university researchers where they can continue their work. Our participation at the BioResearch Product Faire at the University of Arizona lets us connect to the people who need it most—and lets them know that these options are available to them—a win-win for everyone.”

H.B. Custom Media is a supplier of affordable, small volume custom tissue culture media, reagents, ES cell supplements and animal embryo culture media to the Research Use Only (RUO) market for cell culture and the culturing of embryonic stem (ES) cells, both human and animal. For more information about HBCM’s solutions, please visit www.hbcustommedia.com or call +1.610.849.5059.